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Many folks are ditching the paper birthday party invite in favour of an electric option, but what if your next birthday invitation could help make the world a better place? With Wish & Give, it can.


I was the mom who HANDMADE my kids birthday invitations for a few years and loved it. But life got busier, and I saved time by buying some paper invitation packages form the party store. Only now, I have to handwrite everything a dozen or more times! #nightmare


Enter Wish and Give


Wish & Give is the brainchild of Julie LeJeaun, a Toronto mom turned entrepreneur. Julie has over 20 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector. As a dedicated volunteer, she noticed small, local charities don’t always have the time or the means to raise funds and awareness, so she jumped into action. Through Wish & Give, Canadians can sell tickets or send out invitations to events while fundraising for one of 86,000 small organizations across the country. Julie included features like small (and affordable) donation amounts of between $2 and $10, allowing hosts to give guests the option to choose a charity and making their platform accessible to every local charity across Canada – no matter how small.


It gets better…


As my kids grow up, they’re 9 and 11 now, the birthday gifts for friends get harder to buy. The question “What does Kate want for her birthday?” is always followed up with “I don’t know”. With Wish & Give, the birthday boy or girl can share their birthday gift wish – like a new scooter – with invitees and invitees can make an online financial gift towards their gift. Eliminate the impersonal gift cards and random gifts and contribute to the perfect present for the birthday host!


“I love seeing how happy people are after using the site. Especially the parents of the guests invited to a party, as it makes their life so much easier, no more shopping,” explains Julie.


But it gets even better…


Event and birthday party hosts can also include the option for invitees to donate to their favourite charity in addition to or instead of a gift option. Kids will love collecting money for their awesome wish gift while helping out the local food bank, or animal shelter or ocean cleaning project. Think of that 40th birthday party you just went to – how many bottles of wine does one person need? They could have instead collected on behalf of a charity that is close to their heart. The same goes for the Christmas Open House, or that milestone anniversary party you’re planning. And Wish & Give takes care of getting the money to the charity, so it’s easy-peasy to be an extra fabulous human.


“Little by little, every single donation will add up to big change in our communities,” explains Julie. “I truly believe in the local movement and we wanted Wish & Give to reflect that.”


Can you tell I’m in love with this service? If you know someone who is benevolent or wants to be, tell them about Wish & Give. And for those aspiring minimalists in your life, tell them this is the way to avoid more “stuff” coming into their home while still hosting all of their favourite people at their next party. And of course, you should use it for your next party, too. Zero-waste, charitable, and a great way to teach your kids about being charitable and generous.


What more could you “Wish” for?



This is not a paid ad, I just met Julie, learned about her business, and feel in love. I knew my readers would love to know about Wish & Give, so I wrote this to help spread the word on something awesome. You can find more of our favourite things right here,  under Stuff We Love.


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