Win 4 Tickets to Peter Pan at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Win 4 Tickets to Peter Pan at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre
October 3, 2018 Amber Rohal


The Bad Hats Theatre production of Peter Pan presented by Carousel Players
The classic story, reimagined for kids and kids-at-heart!
A new adaptation of Peter Pan told from a contemporary perspective brings this classic story into the 21st century, making it accessible to children, youth, adults, and seniors. With original music that carries influences of folk and jazz, this show is intimate and immediate for audiences.
The live music, created by 11 musicians/actors, draws audiences into the make-believe of the minimalist staging. Without wires or technology, the audience is led to use imagination to believe the characters are truly flying.
The story focuses on the theme of growing up, and how we let go of our imaginations as we become adults. In light of our current preoccupation with technology, this production will encourage audiences to dream again, to imagine possibilities, and to remember the power of make-believe.
This lively musical reimagining of the classic Peter Pan story received three Dora Mavor Moore awards and was successfully remounted in Toronto in November/December 2017. With a talented cast of emerging artists and engaging live acoustic music, this production explores the power of imagination and storytelling.
Recommended for Children Ages 4+
★  ★  ★ 1/2 (out of 4)
“This Peter Pan is a delight for adults and kids alike”
  – Toronto Star
Hottest Ticket in Canada :
“I dare you to watch it and not want to leap up and join in.” 
– The Globe & Mail





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