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What We’re Clicking – Links That Caught Our Attention This Week

What We’re Clicking – Links That Caught Our Attention This Week
October 9, 2015 Amber Rohal

Safe surfing, listening to boys, loving your weirdness, and a reason to love Mondays… enjoy your weekly clickables!


Kathryn –

Teaching responsible use of the internet rather than instilling fear. Yes! My kids are still pretty young but when I talk to friends with older kids I can tell the complexities of managing and teaching responsible use of technology is overwhelming at times. And it is important and something I think about a fair bit. But I don’t like all the heavy-handed memes that travel around trying to teach kids a lesson. Sometimes it feels like the only lesson is that you can’t be yourself, and that just doesn’t sit well with me. This article talks about engaging with young people in a way that builds on who they are and teaching them responsible use.

Speaking of being true to yourself, I love this article that sums up why being weird is your best creative trait.


Amber –

One of my most loved organizations is Kids Help Phone. The work they do and the support they offer our kids any time of day is incalculable. When I read this article about their latest measure to offer a safe voice to kids I was thrilled. Boys need an ear – and a shoulder – too.

This video is amazing and embodies everything awesome in life. Dance on, Mr. Logan!


Happy Thanksgiving from Amber & Kathryn!



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