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What We’re Clicking – Links That Caught Our Attention

What We’re Clicking – Links That Caught Our Attention
November 13, 2015 Amber Rohal


Raise your hand if you love Lego…now raise your hand if you wish it was just a little less expensive. I’m in the same boat, so when I saw this mom’s hack of the Lego Advent Calendar, I was impressed. Is there nothing parents can’t do?


This video from Nova Scotia is of an environmental phenomenon. But it also left me a little scared – am I the only one?


One of my favourite scenes every day is my 2 year old picking up his clothes off the bathroom floor and running to the laundry hamper to throw them in. His sweet little chubby legs toddle as quickly as they can and he carefully holds the load of clothes while turning the door handle, the pride on his face is just beautiful. Apparently, according to this article, his perseverance is going to help him be happy when he’s all grown up!


I recently joined Active for Life as a role model and took the parent pledge to make time for daily outdoor play and being active as a family. I hope daily active helps me be as fit (and fun!) as the seniors on this women’s volleyball team!


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