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What We’re Clicking – January 15, 2015

What We’re Clicking – January 15, 2015
January 15, 2016 Amber Rohal


The geek in me loves this! 100 drones synced up for a pretty cool light show to Beethoven’s Fifth symphony.


Every day I walk to school holding hands with my 6 year old and know it’s only a matter of weeks or months (hopefully not days!) until he’s too cool for such outward affection. I promise I will not do what this mom did.



Sibling fights are a normal part of childhood, and to be expected – but boy oh boy are they exasperating for parents! When I read through some coping strategies in this article, I was all atingle to (hopefully) have a few ways to put out those fights!


You’re getting double you pleasure in this one, folks. These articles have been making their way around the web, and I’ve read and agreed with both. Read on advice on how not to be your child’s concierge, and to learn how to ensure your child receives the authority they need in their life.


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