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The season of travel is HERE! Melissa has pulled together her top tips for worry-free travel with kids to help make your family’s next vacation their EASIEST vacation.



Tips for Enjoying All-Inclusive Resorts with Kids


Thinking about going on a vacation with your family but worried about the planning, accommodations, food and keeping everyone busy?

Traveling to an all-inclusive resort can be a wonderful, easy way to vacation as a family.  There’s very little stress when planning an all-inclusive vacation and it can also be a perfect way to ease into travel as a family.  With an all-inclusive vacation, your transportation, food, actives, and accommodations are all included in one ticket price.


No matter the age of your kids, getting the most out of your all-inclusive can be easier than you think!  A few tips that I have used over the years when vacationing with my family to an all-inclusive resort:


Choose a family-friendly resort

Ideally, you’ll want to find a resort that specifically caters to families.

There’s no point in discovering a resort online that looks fabulous for adults, only to find that they don’t offer much for kids.  Many families look for family-friendly options such as a kids club, water or splash park for children, kids pool, and entertainment for the kids.  Using a travel agent that specializes in family travel is a great way to find those perfect family resorts that will meet the needs of your family!


Explain the journey

Let’s start this vacation off on a good foot and the best way is to let your kids know what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen.  Explain the security obstacle course they will encounter at the airport and what they can expect during this security screening process. “You’ll have to let go of your dolly while we go through security, but you’ll get it right back.” Reminders of what will happen on the airplane such as when they have to fasten their seatbelts and why.  If you are not sure of the process yourself, ask your travel agent who will be happy to share with you the process.  This will help reduce anxiety for everyone and prevent melt-downs on your vacation!


Have a bag full of tricks

A great way to keep kids busy while traveling is a bag full of different activities to be handed out periodically throughout the vacation.  Ideas include plenty of small toys, games, stickers, handheld puzzles, colouring books and even tiny packs of playdoh in your bag that will help pass the time in airports, on the airplane or while waiting in lines.

Once at the resort, our family often brings a few travel games (like Uno or Yahtzee) to play in the hotel room. There will be times you will be in your room and need a rest or some downtime.



Don’t forget some pool floaties or sand toys

Leave your expensive ones at home, but a few cheap floats can make that pool that much more exciting.  A collapsible sand bucket and shovel is perfect for the beach.  We often bring those diving rings to use in the pool. You can leave them for the next family if you need more room in your suitcase on the way home.



Visit the kids club on your first day

Introduce your kids to the kids club and the staff to help them become more familiar with the space.  Find out what activities are planned for the week and have your kids pick out any must-dos from the schedule for the week.  Many kids clubs will have set hours in both the day and early evening that kids can join in.  The kids club is a great place for kids to stay busy while giving parents a much-needed break!



Food, food and even more food!

The food at all-inclusive resorts is often endless with many different options such as buffets, a la carte restaurants, and beach/snack grills.  More often than not, reservations are required for the restaurants and making those as soon as you arrive ensures you get decent dining times that suit your family.  Dining reservations at 9:00 pm may not be suitable for a family with young children.  Remember the buffet option is always available!

One thing our family does is pack some snacks from home and grab some fruit (e.g. bananas or apples) before leaving the buffet each day.  Dining options are not always open 24/7 and chances are your kids are going to be starving at some point during your vacation!


Taking your children on vacation can be an overwhelming yet fun and rewarding experience!  Consider starting with an all-inclusive vacation to help build your kids into avid little travelers!  

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Melissa Erskine is a travel specialist/owner of iDream Travel.  She is the mom to 12-year-old Emily who has been on many all-inclusive family vacations since she was a baby!  Melissa specializes in family travel and helps families to find the best vacation that meets each families unique needs!  Contact Melissa at iDream Travel to book your next family vacation!

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