Things To Do With Kids: Winter Edition

Not everyone loves winter, we get it. It’s not as appealing as a day at the beach, but we’re Canadians and we are made from hearty stock! And Active Parents has ideas for family fun in frigid temperatures. Grab your toque and let’s do this!  


Some of these suggestions require snow, but many don’t!


Outdoor skating: How can you beat outdoor skating? It’s the quintessential family-friendly winter activity. A personal favourite is Spencer Smith Park, but for a variety of options, here are the neighbourhood rinks in Burlington, Milton, Waterdown, and Oakville.


Get In On The Loop: Mix it up a little by skating on Waterdown’s outdoor skating loop! Check out some pictures here, and remember it’s weather permitting.


Visit the Trumpeter Swans. They live at LaSalle, and have been on the brink of extinction, so stop by, take in their beauty, and enjoy a nice stroll near the waterfront.


Go Tobogganing, Of Course! The City of Burlington has this list of officially designated hills. Waterdown has one designated hill, and while Oakville doesn’t have “official” info available, I hear that Old Abbey Lane Park has great hills for all ages.


Snowshoeing: I’ve been waiting a few years to try snowshoeing, so you know that when it snows next, I’ll be the first one at Crawford Lake to rent some snowshoes and wander through nature. If you have your own snowshoes, visit Mountsberg for a great day of trekking.


I earned Mom of the Year points when I whipped up a batch of food colouring, water, and added it to a spray bottle. Kept my kids busy for HOURS.


Visit a Farm, really! Both Mountsberg and Bronte Park are great for families as they have lots of outdoor hiking and a playbarn providing a break from the elements.


Hike outside the city, because we can. Living in Halton means we have some of the best outdoor spaces on Earth. Visit Conservation Halton’s website and pick one of the many parks to traverse. Hilton Falls and Mount Nemo are our favourites!


Have you visited your favourite hiking spot in the winter? Kerncliff Park has trails, and you can explore the clearing around the boardwalk, too. And what kid doesn’t love climbing on the big, overturned tree at Cherry Hill? Or choose a new spot from one of the Heritage Trails in Oakville.


Speaking of beaches, why not plan a day at the beach? Explore Beachway Park in Burlington, or check out the Oakville waterfront. Kids will be fascinated with how different they are in winter, and you can even visit once a month to see how the beach changes over the winter!


We gave you 10 ways to get out and enjoy your city, which one will you do first?


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