The Search for Daphne

It took losing a dog to make us really understand how amazing our community is.

Thank you to contributor Julie Cole for warming our hearts this season. 


My sister and I live two doors apart in a lovely court in Tyandaga, Burlington. Our kids and our dogs move freely between our two homes. We are in each other’s “bubbles” and have been since the beginning of this Covid19 gong-show.


Many dog owners hold onto their dogs when the front door opens to ensure they don’t escape. This is not a worry we have for my dog, or my sister’s dogs. If they exit our homes, they go to visit their cousin dogs, two doors over.


My dog spends his days sitting on the porch waiting for kids to get home from school. When he wants to go outside, he rings a bell and we open the back door to our field. He often strolls over to my sister’s house to hang out with her dogs.


So, imagine our surprise when my sister’s dog, Daphne, went missing. She never strays far from home. If she isn’t at her house, she’s likely playing in my backyard with my dog, Ozzy. But Daphne is missing, and it’s a mystery. We’re all devastated and have taken ALL the measures possible to try and find her.


Also, shocking? The community of people who have RALLIED around finding this dog. Within moments of my sister realizing that Daphne was missing, a community member created a poster. Another one picked up posters from my sister’s house and delivered them to veterinary clinics all over Burlington. Then, a kid turned up with his drone hoping that would help locate the pup. My brother searches the ravines daily with his beagle. In addition, there have been THOUSANDS of shares on social media by complete strangers, rallying to find our sweet Daphne.


In a way, I’m hoping this post helps us find our sweet girl, but mostly this post is about gratitude. We are so very thankful that everyone in our community who, while they are busy dealing with SO much during these crazy times, are also working to find our Daphne. It has now been over three weeks, and we remain hopeful that our girl will find her way home because you all hold us up and share your support and kindness. Thank you!


Jack and his drone (photo courtesy of Julie Cole)
Daphne in the sweater she was wearing when she went missing (photo courtesy of Julie Cole)
Dave Cole and Goose (photo courtesy of Julie Cole)



Julie Cole is a recovered lawyer, mom of six and co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. She is a regular television contributor, a sought after speaker and writer, and a proud volunteer and engaged member of the Burlington community.



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