The First Craft of March Break – Contact Paper Collage

The First Craft of March Break – Contact Paper Collage
March 22, 2014 Amber Rohal

March break looms and I’m looking forward to some solid quality time with my biggie. Although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being a little nervous about how we’ll fill the days.  We usually spend a lot of time outside but this deep freeze won’t quit and we’re working around the newly emerging (ie. fragile!) nap schedule of babe #2.

Day #1, not even March Break officially yet, just the PA day that occurs the Friday before the break even starts, and DS4 is asking what we’ll do before it’s even 10am. I pull my first craft idea out – contact paper collage – and he’s excited. Phew.

We get out magazines, scissors, foam shapes, stickers, googly eyes, and glitter glue. Perfect. Except the baby refuses to nap so we’re cutting and crafting around little grabby hands. We craft as best we can and decide to takea  break until C decides to nap. We continue our creation later in the day and have some great conversations and the quality bonding time I was hoping for. K is super proud of our creation and it’s hung with pride on our art wall.

I first got the idea from Play Create Explore. If you Google “contact paper collage” you’ll find all kinds of ideas. I think next time I’ll suggest using tissue paper and trying something theme-based. Maybe Easter eggs…hmmmm…will have to add that to the list.