The Everything To Do With Kids Guide

I am so excited to share my latest project with you! It’s been 3 months in the making, and it’s answering a huge demand from our community of engaged parents and caregivers.

I’m thrilled to partner with Sara Warren, who owns Travels with Tots, to bring you a brand new way to advertise to Halton, Peel and Hamilton area families and beyond!


Introducing the “Everything To Do With Kids” family fun guide!


Active Parents has made our name by being the go-to resource when parents are looking for things to do with their kids and Travels with Tots is a top resource for ideas and inspiration for traveling and activities with kids. Parents will download the PDF to their phones and laptops, share it with all of their friends on social media, and refer to it every time they have time with their kids. The “Everything To Do With Kids” guide will be like having our e-directory and calendar always at their side.

There’s nothing a busy parent likes more than the cure for boredom, right at their fingertips!

Our Spring guide launches February 23rd, at our Family Swim and Kick Off Party, and now is the time to make sure that your business is included! Let’s share your activities and programs with family who are always looking for something great to do together.


Take a look at our guide layout – we’re offering as much or as little space as you can use.

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Wondering how Active Parents and Travels with Tots can get the word out about your programs? Read all about us here.

Once you’ve decided on the level that best suits your business please complete this Google Form to secure your spot. We’ll be in touch to discuss our partnership.