The Best French Fries in Burlington and Hamilton

Fries are one of the most popular, crowd-pleasing foods out there. Everyone, from babies to grandparents to seagulls, loves them! We ask you who makes the best french fries in the Hamilton and Burlington area and we were not disappointed with your answers. 

While McDonalds, Jack Astors, and Harvey’s all received honourable mentions for their golden fries, we highlight locally-owned restaurants and businesses in our food trail guides.


The French Fry Guy, 4305 Fairview Street, Burlington: “The best fresh cuts ever!” “So flavourful and crispy”. Most votes for best french fries in Burlington.

Hutch’s On The Beach, 280 Van Wagners Beach Road, Hamilton: “Fresh, crisp, and always hot”. Most votes for best french fries in Hamilton.

The Burnt Tongue, 3 Locations in Hamilton, “Perfect house made chips and they come with delicious housemade sauces like curry ketchup!”

Pita Nutso, locations in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville, “Pita Nutso has the best fries. Whatever the secret spice they add to them makes them to die for. “

Burlington Charcoal Pit, 2031 Lakeshore Road, Burlington: “Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside!”

Jersey’s Bar and Grill, 1450 Headon Road, Burlington: fans love the hand-cut fries that are always crispy

Culaccino, 527 Brant Street, Burlington: “Their homemade ketchup is everything”

Real Burger, 94 Dundas Street East, Waterdown: “Hot, a little salty, and so crispy!”

Hambrgr, 2 locations in Hamilton: “Their plain fries are great, but their ‘garparm’ is to die for

Hexagon Restaurant, 210 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville: “Hexagon’s truffle fries are out of this world!” 

My Buddy’s Greek Bites, 441 Fennel Ave. East, Hamilton: “Delicious greek-syle fries with feta”

Whoa! If that doesn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what will! Did we miss your favourite french fries? Leave us a comment so we can come and try them out – you can never have too many fries, right?