StoryWalks in Burlington Parks

Have you ever been on a Story Walk in Burlington yet? It’s a great way to get kids excited for reading, while also getting some fresh air and sunshine! Also, be sure to check out some of our self-guided field trip ideas.

What is a StoryWalk®?

A storywalk is created by taking a picture book and spreading out each page along a path or in a park. You walk from page to page to read the story. 


Burlington Public Library and the City of Burlington’s Recreation, Community and Culture department have brought the StoryWalk® project to Burlington parks. You don’t need to make a reservation, you can visit anytime. There will be 6 parks that are home to StoryWalk® trails in 2021!


A little mouse makes her way around the world, and invites preschoolers along as she sets out: Red house / Blue house / Green house / Tree house! / See the tiny mouse in her little brown house? Seamless, simple, and inspiring, the rhyming story abounds in concepts for the very young, with a particular focus on colours, and a delightful search-and-find element on every spread–the intrepid mouse herself! Address: 5270 Fairview Street, Burlington

Central Park - WINDOWS

From Goodreads: A young boy sets out for a twilight walk with his dog in this lovely picture-book from author Julia Denos and first-time illustrator E.B. Goodale. His walk takes him through his diverse neighborhood, and past numerous windows glowing with light, windows which give a glimpse into the lives of those within. Address: 2299 New Street, Burlington.

families love each other

Francis Road Bike Path - Families Love Each Other

Families Love Each Other is a book to show that all families are special and show love for each other regardless of culture, language, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, socio-economic status, or family makeup. I love the diversity this book has, showing families of all types breeds acceptance and kindness.

Giraffe and Bird Book Cover story Walk

Tansley Woods Park - Giraffe and bird

Kids will love this funny and heartwarming story of unlikely friends. "Giraffe and Bird are not friends. Not even a little bit. Go ahead and ask them. A giraffe and bird pester and annoy each other so much that they decide to go their separate ways, only to discover that they miss each other and, despite all that bickering, might have been good friends, after all."

More parks in Burlington will have storywalks installed in the near future. Look for story walks in Burlington at Lowville Park,  and Norton Community duck pond. 

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