Readers Recommend: Family Movies

When you’re home with kids and weather, illness, or just plain old exhaustion keep you indoors, our readers have your cinematic needs covered! Here are their recommendations for your next family movie night.



Cheaper By The Dozen

This 2003 remake of the 1950’s classic is a family movie favourite at our house. One note, which we didn’t notice till we just rewatched it, there are some sexual references that my 7 and 9-year-olds didn’t catch, but could soon enough. Slap-stick humour as kids work together to drive away their oldest siblings boyfriend. Rated G.

Suggested by Kirstin via Facebook



Cool Runnings

My 7-year-old’s favourite winter movie! The highly fictionalized story of the 1988 Olympic Jamaican bobsled team is fun to watch for parents and kids. There are funny and silly characters, comedy as one character struggles to adjust to the cold, and an overall positive message: Work hard and dreams can come true! Rated PG.

Suggested by Amber at Active Parents




This classic family movie that many of experienced in the 80’s has modern-day parent viewers divided. I, for one, forgot about the language, which is brief, but there. And one of my girls was a little spooked by E.T., while the other was fine. All in all, E.T. wants nothing but to love and be loved, and his new pal Elliot is a best friend like no other, so there is a great friendship to watch grow. Rated PG.

Suggested by Caroline via Facebook and @srikic via Instagram




This is a great 80’s family movie for the 10+ crowd. A group of kids go on a pirate-themed treasure hunt and encounter all the standard troubles kids usually do in these movies. The gang is close-knit and works together to overcome a dead body, scary skeletons, and more. Mildly scary scenes, and some language. Rated PG.

Suggested by Cathie, Janet and Deb via Facebook



Jurassic Park (my favourite family movie)

My favourite movie. Ever. So, of course, I make everyone watch it as often as possible. My kids were glued to the screen the first time they watched Jurassic Park, and only one scene brought about some tears (my then 6-year-old animal lover didn’t like that the goat was eaten). Very quickly the prehistoric theme park falls to the wrath of the dinosaurs, who, as dinosaurs have been shown to do, put lives in peril. The special effects (in their day) are unmatched, and the sound of a dinosaur roar is enough to scare any human. We don’t watch this one in the dark! Rated PG13

Suggested by Amber at Active Parents



Mrs Doubtfire

Who doesn’t love this movie?! As a kid of divorced parents, when I watched this at 13, I wasn’t emotionally affected by the topic, but I’m not every kid. My kids love the dressing up, the excitable lead character and his antics trying to balance a double life. In the end, the family finds a great way to raise their family separately. If your family is experiencing separation or divorce, this movie should not be watched until you’re sure your kids can handle it.

Suggested by Amber of Active Parents



The Chronicles of Narnia

This set of movies will give you hours of entertainment while being a great selection for most age groups. My kids loved the adventure and the magic of a hidden world. Rated PG.

Suggested by Stacey via Facebook



The Great Outdoors

This goofy family movie has the typical antics of a man vs. nature movie. It has mild swearing and some wild animal encounters, so make sure to know your kids before you watch this movie. Not for little ones but tweens could handle it. Rated PG.

Suggested by Melissa T. via Facebook



The Little Rascals

This remake has a wee gang of kids who get into an assortment of mischief. There is more bathroom humour than ever, and the script calls for a lot of sexualized talk (which I had forgotten about). My youngest didn’t like that girls were portrayed as helpless and overly feminine, so that sparked a conversation. Rated PG.

Suggested by Becky via Facebook



The Sandlot (our fave family movie)

This is a top-rated movie at our house. The Sandlot is a lighthearted baseball comedy that kids of all ages will love. Camaraderie, free-spirited summer days, and a drooling mutt called Beast make this a welcome escape for the winter months. Rated PG.

Suggested by Becky via Facebook



Don’t forget, while these are reader suggestions, no one knows your child as well as you do. Always keep their personality and emotional maturity in mind when you choose your next family movie.


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2 thoughts on “Readers Recommend: Family Movies”

  1. I had forgotten about a lot of the gender role stereotypes in Little Rascals as well! It definitely made for conversation in our house when we re-watched it.

    1. It’s so funny how your views change once you have kids, isn’t it? My youngest is a HUGE sports lover, and she was baffled at the term “throw like a girl” – and she’s right!

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