Quarantine Printable Time Capsules

This past year has been one for the history books, so why not help your kids remember it with their own COVID-19 Printable Time Capsule? We’ve gathered some great printable options and curated them below. There is even an option for adults!

While we may still be in a less-than-desirable stage of this pandemic, these printable time capsule will help your family take some time to be creative and look at the positives (hello, family time!) Use them as an at-home art class, screen-free activity, or a sweet moment that you’ll be able to look back on when your kids are grown.


My Covid-19 Time Capsule by Long Creations

“We are all living through history and something I have said I wanted to do from the beginning is make a keepsake of this moment for us to look back on. I have saved newspapers and artwork done by my kids, taken photos of all our days and kept a diary. BUT I have also been working on a “time capsule” worksheet for my daughter, son and me to fill out. This will be available as a FREE resource for any of my fans.” This printable is available in Canada/U.S. versions, French, Spanish, an adult version, and even a 2021 optional cover. Tons of printables on this page. Get yours here.

Printable Quarantine Journal for Tweens and Teens by The Reluctant Cowgirl

The printable quarantine journal time capsule gives teens an opportunity to write down their thoughts and responses to create their own time capsule. Years from now, they will look over the quarantine journal time capsule and remember this time in history. Seeing their own thoughts will enable them to process the events not as something that just happened in history, but something that they experienced! Get yours here.


Skip to My Lou‘s Year in Review Printables

This 2020 Year In Review colouring page printable is the perfect way to record your child’s year. It is fun to learn what they think is their proudest accomplishment and best idea. They even added an extra sheet this year that gives the opportunity to note this monumental year that we have all endured. It for sure had a completely different set of challenges!


Look forward to family fun

Don’t forget to look forward, too! Good things are on the horizon and one way our family stays positive and keeps our spirits up is to add activities to our Things To Look Forward To jar! We’ve been thinking back on memories we want to recreate (like sunny vacations!) and activities we wanted to try (like swimming in a gorge!) and write them on post-its and add them to a jar in our kitchen. Every time we feel a little down about missing something, we add it to our jar. Here’s ours below. Big Life Journal shared this idea as well here.

things to look forward to jar photo


More Printables

I love a good printable, and Active Parents has a whole bunch that will encourage outdoor fun, indoor activities and of course family connection. Find them all here.

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