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Plan Your August Staycation in Burlington, ON

Plan Your August Staycation in Burlington, ON
August 4, 2014 Amber Rohal
We rarely go away in the summer. We looked at different ideas a couple of summers ago and realized everything we wanted in a vacation rental was 15 minutes from home. So now we stay local in the summer and escape for a week in the winter.
I recently listed 50 things to do in Burlington with kids this summer and it reminded me just how much there is to do here. I thought it would be fun to think about what our family seeks out on vacation and what we’ll do during our August staycation.
Beaches – My guys are mad for digging. The boys have dug some impressive holes and tunnels the last few years so we’ll definitely visit Burlington Beach. I recently signed up for this gift certificate for Burlington Beach Rentals so I’ll be taking my crew for a day at the beach and splurging on a nice big sunshade, free wifi, and cold beverages.
Local Festivals – During our last couple of trips to Barbados we’ve really enjoyed the Holetown Festival. It’s been a great way to experience local music, food, and people. August 16 and 17th is the Burlington Children’s Festival so that’s a definite must-do during our staycation. Day 1 is at Beachway Park and includes a superhero themed sandcastle competition. Day 2 is at Spencer Smith and has lots of music shows, playzones, and the always popular inflatables.
Music – We travelled a lot before kids and after finding food and accommodation our next priority was seeking out local music. Some of the best jazz I’ve seen was in a tiny closet of a room in the backstreets of Bangkok. When travelling with kids we tend more to daytime bands and family shows, so seeing the Burlington Teen Tour Band practice is on our staycation list.  We’ve been once to Saturdays in the Street and we’ll definitely go again in August. Add an ice cream stop and it’s a great family outing! We like hearing live local music and there’s room for the kids to roam and get creative with sidewalk chalk and the 4Cats art projects.
Hiking – We usually do a bit of hiking while on vacation. Smaller legs mean smaller trails but there’s lots of options in and around Burlington for wee ones. So far we’ve explored the trails in Lasalle Park, Bronte Creek, and Cherry Hill Gate (Royal Botanical Gardens). Still on our list for August is Kerncliff Park and getting out to some of the Conservation Halton parks. I think the kids will really like the longhouse at Crawford Lake and the playbarn at Mountsberg.
Food – We rarely eat out as a family so Restaurants are a treat when on vacation. For our August staycation I’d like to try a couple of new spots and to save a few bucks we’ll choose places from my  “Where do Kids Eat Free in Burlington” list.
One of the challenges I have with staycations is stepping out of the routine and making outings feel different and a bit more special than usual. This August I’m determined to let the laundry pile up and go to restaurants or order take-out when we’re just too busy having a family fun day to deal with the household stuff.
I’m also going to help the kids make some memory albums. I’m always snapping pix but they go to our family/friends blog and the kids don’t see them. For our special staycation days in August I’m going to print out photos and get some plastic photo books from the dollar store so the kids can create albums.
That’s our August staycation plan. How about you? Would love to hear ideas on what you do during staycations and how you make family memories.