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Years ago, when the Elf on the Shelf craze started, my kids, as expected, wanted to join the party. But I put my own spin on it! 

I love Christmas. And not like “Yay, it’s Christmas” kind of love. Loooooooove. 8 o’s kind of love! So when I hear about this Elf on the Shelf business a few years ago, I wanted to jump on board! But I’m cheap frugal, and I had a kid who thought the elf’s face was just a little scary, so instead of investing in something that I underestimated the lifespan of, I went this route:



Meet Olaf, our very own scout elf from the North Pole.

The premise is the same – he’s a friend of Santa, he’s here until Christmas, and he’s cute and fun-loving – but I added in another element. Olaf, like these elves, was here to inspire our family to be kind and spend more time together. Not to report our bad behaviour to anyone. I like to keep that job in-house, if you know what I mean LOL!


Olaf Elf on the Shelf with Active Parents Burlington, Ontario, Canada


Olaf comes to our house at the same time as the rest of the Elf on the Shelf dolls do, but every day leading up to Christmas, he brings us another mission. Some days it’s to do something fun like finding the 10 candy canes he’s hidden or sitting together to read a new Christmas storybook. Other days he’s only here for fun. Playing Candyland and toilet paper sculptures are some of my faves from past years.

We recapped some of our fave Olaf adventures here. They’re easy and silly and sure to make you all smile. Because adding an Elf (or a snowman) to your holiday traditions shouldn’t mean adding more stress. It defeats the entire purpose if you’re shooting out of bed worried you didn’t move it again.


Olaf Elf on the Shelf with Active Parents Burlington, Ontario, Canada


No matter what kind of elf you use – or if you even have one at all – as long as your trying to make this time of year a little cheerier, your kids will love it. Plus, with so many free printables thanks to Pinterest parents, it really can be simple. Think of what you want to accomplish – more acts of kindness, more generosity, better behaviour – and work towards that.



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