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Each year, during the Christmas season, I try to find ways to help my kids spread a little love and kindness to others. It’s important for me to raise kind kids, and we’ve had this tradition since the girls were young. We tend to do the same, tried-and-true acts, so you can imagine how happy I was to find My Kindness Calendar waiting for me on my porch this week.


A wonderful tool to instill kindness, compassion and gratitude in children and create meaningful memories as a family, My Kindness Calendars are sure to be a one-of-a-kind addition and tradition in your home.


Raising kind kids is important to us because we all know how one positive interaction can change the trajectory of your day. And if we’re being honest, I enjoy the warm feeling of doing something for someone else more than the recipient may even. I’m a ‘selfish samaritan’ as I call it 🙂

When I opened My Kindness Calendar, I gave the creators a virtual high five. The thick, flexible fabric-like material is reusable and durable, and over-the-top adorable. The 25 pre-printed stickers are easily removable and reusable, and the kit comes 5 blank stickers that you can use to create your own good deeds.

We hung our calendar in the kitchen, but don’t worry, it’s easily removable and won’t damage the paint! My kids set to work at adding their first (and favourite) stickers to My Kindness Calendar. They choose to “Give a Hug” and “Put a Surprise Under Someone’s Pillow”. I was the lucky recipient of the hugs, and Dad got a hand-drawn picture of a Storm Trooper. Good deal!

What I noticed immediately in my kids is precisely what makes My Kindness Calendar completely different than any other advent calendar. My heart swelled when I watched how much thought my kids put into deciding who was going to be the lucky recipient of their daily kindness. My girls knew right away who they wanted to bake a treat for – our neighbours, because “they love cookies!”, and who they wanted to write a letter to – their new cousin in Australia and of course, great grandparents because “they don’t get to see us so much”. My kids were taking the time to weight out who could most benefit with their kindness, and by doing this, the stepped outside themselves, and really focused on doing good for others.


Now, THAT is the meaning of this season.

Order your own My Kindness Calendar before November 20th to make sure you have it in time for December 1st.

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