Why I Love The Paws 4 Stories Program

The Burlington Public Library hosts a program called St. John Ambulance Paws 4 Stories and I am here to tell you why I’m in love with this program. 

My oldest is almost 8, and when she was 6 we had two goals: improve her reading, and try to help with her fear of dogs. Needless to say, I wasn’t too worried about her reading (she was on track and doing fine) but I was worried about her fear of dogs. When that season’s BPL Guide came out, and I read about their Paws 4 Stories program, which pairs an emergent reader with a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog, I was smitten.


Paws 4 Stories - Reader and Dog - courtesy of InsideHaltonThe program runs for 4 consecutive weeks at the library, and at each session, the young reader sits with the SJA therapy dog, and their handler. The reader tells a story to the dog, which is aimed to help them gain confidence and practice in reading aloud. The bonus, in my case, was slowly getting my daughter comfortable around dogs. After the 4 week program ended, my daughter had gone from not wanting to pet the dog on day 1, to giving her new friend a hug on day 4. If I ever questioned miracles, this set me straight.




To see the upcoming schedule for Paws 4 Stories at The Burlington Public Library, click here.


Did You Know? The program is available at the Burlington Public Library, and St. John Ambulance also is able to run it out of a school setting to meet different objectives. Think your dog could be a SJA Therapy Dog? Get in touch with SJA today.



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