Learning About Numbers and Maps with Waze

Learning About Numbers and Maps with Waze
April 30, 2014 Amber Rohal
There is no shortage of advice about screen time and kids. We land somewhere in the middle, our philosophy is that not all screen time is equal. We do limit the amount of passive staring at the TV but we’re more relaxed about the ipad and playing games and using apps.
We have a bunch of kids games, most with an educational slant and a few just for fun. An unexpected app we’ve been using a lot is Waze. As the hubs leaves the city and heads home he sends me an email from Waze so I can track his progress. It started so I could see how good/bad the commute was and plan dinner accordingly. There isn’t a lot of time between when he arrives home and the kids bedtime but we try to sit down for family dinner as much as possible.
As K realized what the app did he started asking to see it so he could track daddy’s progress. Now it’s his job to read off the numbers that tell us how many minutes until daddy is home. He was pretty good on single digit numbers but since using the app he’s mastered the ‘teens’ as well. I think next week we’ll start opening it up when daddy is 20-30 minutes away.


We’ve also been talking a lot about maps and relativity. As the car gets closer the map zooms in, so the line between the car and our house stays the same, but obviously there’s less actual distance to go. The other day K asked how daddy could only be 2 minutes away when he had so far to drive. And so ensued a pretty lengthy discussion about distance and maps. It’s a complicated discussion with a 4 year old so I expect it will be an ongoing discussion over the next few weeks.