Heart to Heart – Community Feature

I was recently lamenting with a friend about the impact of the pandemic on the Seniors in our community. Many friends living in Long Term Care Facilities have been isolated from their families. We also discussed how parents are looking for meaningful activities for their kids while hoping to find opportunities to teach about kindness.

That is how the “Heart to Heart – Love Letters to Seniors” project came to be. The program is simple:


  • Spread the word to parents, teachers, Brownie leaders, anyone who would listen – and encourage them to get the kiddos in their care to participate, which involved making Valentine’s Day cards for Seniors.
  • Have the cards dropped off at a central location or arrange a pick-up.
  • Call various Long Term Care facilities, explain the initiative and have them respond with incredible enthusiasm and thanks!
  • Organize the cards, put them in isolation for several days, then safely deliver them untouched.


As I was organizing the cards, I couldn’t resist reading each one. I was left a sobbing mess. There was one general theme the children communicated to the Seniors:

“Although you may not be able to see your family, you are LOVED and you are important. You are a very special person. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Wow – our community delivered! SO MANY CARDS that made Valentine’s Day special to hundreds of our Senior friends. We also had many community members offer to help with card distribution. Sadly, the days leading up to Valentine’s Day were like “Snowmageddon” but I was able to rope in my trusty pals from the Mabel’s Labels Community Relations Committee to help out.

This initiative was easy and impactful. We are so grateful to everyone in our community who made it happen.


Submitted by Julie Cole. Julie is a recovered lawyer, mom of six and co-founder of Mabel’s Labels.


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