10 Easy Virtual and At Home Valentine’s Day Celebrations

2021 will mark our first quarantine Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can still spread love and joy! Use our Virtual Valentine’s Day ideas and get your love and hearts flowing!

Valentine’s Day is one of those “not-really-a-holiday” kind of holidays, but it’s also one that is so fun and easy to celebrate with families. Kids get a kick out of the simplest gestures, so they’re the perfect ones to be your lockdown Valentine!


Valentine’s Day Breakfast of Champions

With a little extra time in the morning thanks to school being virtual right now, we can add a little oomph to our usual breakfast and whip up some heart-shaped eggs or french toast.  Or why not try your hand at pink pancakes.

Host a Valentine’s Gift Exchange

Did you know sites like Elfster – famously known for their secret Santa support – also work all-year-round to make any gift exchange simple and fun. Make the gift requirements anything you want – handmade, edible, funny, regifts from Christmas…the possibilities are endless!


Virtual Games for Families

We’ve got a great article on virtual and zoom-compatible games, and we’ve been having a ton of fun playing them on Zoom and Google Meets. Bingo cards were handed out to extended family, and then we all jumped on Zoom to play for big prizes like cinnamon hearts and Hershey’s kisses. The crowd-funding favourite Cards Against Humanity also has a family-friendly version called Kids Against Maturity and there’s a way to play both versions online with friends for free here.


At Home Games for Valentine’s Day

Spice up some classic games like Charades, Pictionary and Headbands where all of the topics are related to valentines (cupid, heart, candy, a love song) and if you need more inspiration, we’ve got some great printable clues here. Mine worked together to recreate this super-simple heart tic tac toe game and then mailed it to a little friend of ours. Love-themed snail mail for the win!


My kids loved making this super easy tic tac toe board from Glued To My Crafts


Host a Valentine’s Day TV Party

Netflix Party is now called Teleparty, but the premise remains the same – you host a viewing party with your pals and all watch at the same time. Choose a movie and a start time, and Teleparty synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to Netflix, Disney, Hulu and HBO. Installing the app is free, and it’s available for Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers. All you need to do is pop some popcorn.


What’s an At-Home Valentine’s Day Without Baking?

As if there wasn’t enough baking going on already, we need some more! Our Valentine Pinterest board is filled with love-day-themed goodies to make and eat. My kids request this saltine toffee treat every time I ask so we’ll be making it again, and I love the festive M&Ms! Make a great gift to give and ship, too.


Dance The Day Away!

Every day is the perfect day for a dance party at our house. Hit the play button on Spotify’s Valentine’s Day Love Playlist. Classics and new releases will have you moving and grooving! Why not throw in a free dance while you’re at it?


Fancify Your Romantic Dinner – With Kids

Just because we can’t enjoy an expensive dinner at a restaurant doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the glam. Light those candles, cook up some steaks (or hot dogs, because kids), or order in from a local restaurant that would have normally gotten your dinner reservation. Wear your fancy outfits and get all dolled up. Use dinner time to go around the table and all share something you love about each other. And don’t forget to tip your server!


Why Not Delegate The Valentine’s Day Planning?

I’ve always been an enormous proponent of getting the kids involved in everything we can. Ask them what they want to do. Ask them to pick the menu items, the activities, the dress code and more! Bonus points if there is an element of kindness and generosity in your plan!


Safe At Home Means Fun At Home!

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