Easy, Homemade Bird Feeders

Birds have been singing outside our windows daily at dawn, so to thank them for their complimentary wake-up calls, we’re going to create some homemade bird feeders, and hang them (away from the windows) in our yard. We took to Pinterest to find some great ideas on simply feeders that don’t require much time or an excess of materials.


Easy Homemade Bird Feeders


1. Cheerio Bird Feeder – perfect for beginners

Let your little ones help feed their birdie pals, while working on their fine motor skills. This inexpensive homemade bird feeder is adorable for home, or an easy gift for someone you love.


2. Bird Seed Hanging Ornament – perfect for beginners

Tiny fingers will love the measuring, mixing, and poking in this method. Another great gift idea, but also so easy to make that you can deck out your favourite park trees, too! Bonus: measuring is math!


3. Upcycled Slinky Bird Feeder – perfect for all ages

This feeder makes use for that Slinky your kids don’t play with anymore. The industrial look is sleek and modern, and the peanuts it holds will also make the squirrel population very happy!


4. Mason Jar Homemade Bird Feeder – kids 8+ with supervision

Who doesn’t have a mason jar in their cupboard? I know I do! Add a wooden spoon, some thick ribbon – or in the case – a strip of leather, and voila! Adorable in no time flat!


Easy Homemade Bird Feeders


5. Paper Plate Bird Feeder – perfect for all ages

This homemade bird feeder is super easy to make, and even easier to refill! Little hands will be helpful to string Cheerios, practice tying double-knots, and filling with birdseed.


6. Milk Carton Bird Feeder – school-aged kids, with some adult cutting supervision

The milk carton bird feeder is a classic! We all made them in school at one point or another. Kids will love decorating them with paint, sticks, leaves, buttons, and more!


7. Tea Cup and Saucer Bird Feeder – all ages, with some adult assistance with glue

This is a perfect way to give new life to your chipped teacup, or to display one of the many cups in your collection (or is that just me?). I think we may make this as a gift for Gramma!


8. Homemade Bird Seed Wreath – all ages

This definitely the most giftable feeder we’ve seen, and with minimal ingredients and ease of preparation, the whole family can help!


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