Easter Egg Hunt: Social Distancing Edition

This is the perfect year to help the Easter Bunny spread some cheer! With Ontario under ‘stay at home’ orders this Easter, let’s have a socially-distanced egg hunt for the Halton and Hamilton regions! This is open to residents and businesses! Let’s bring some colour, joy, and happiness to our regions with an Easter Hunt! 

A pandemic can’t stop the cheer from happening at Easter. This year, we are hunting for eggs all through the city – and keeping our distance while we’re at it. We hope you’ll join us in a social distancing Easter egg hunt to help brighten up the moods and windows of people all over town. It’s free and easy to be part of the fun! Plus…prizes!


How Does It Work?

  • Download our social distancing Easter Egg colouring sheets below, or create your own masterpieces
  • Add them to your front windows once you’re done
  • Share a photo in our Easter Egg Hunt Facebook Group to share Easter Eggs in windows
  • Submit your egg’s address to our Google Map using the form below.


Important Dates and Details

The egg hunt starts now, so get those eggs up and keep them up through Easter, till April 5th.

On Monday, April 5th, we’ll pick one entry from the Facebook Group egg photos and one person from our Google Map submissions to each win a prize!











Have fun social distance easter egg hunting!




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