Burlington Kite Festival

Sunday, June 4th is the 26th Annual City of Burlington Kite Festival! Kite Festival is just one of the great ways Burlington supports their community and its families. Need more convincing? Here are 5 Reasons to Attend the Burlington Kite Festival on June 4th. 


Let’s Kick Off Summer Fun

Bring the kids, their cousins, and the neighbours kids, because we all know how good fresh air and sunshine is for us! Run around, fly kites, meet new friends, and even burn off some energy!


Screen Free Fun

This low-tech event is HIGH on the fun scale! Kids won’t miss their screens or fidget spinners when they’re building a free kite (while supplies last) or flying their favourite kite from home. Wide open spaces to soar your creation, and a huge play ground to gather and show off your best tricks!


It’s Secretly Educational

STEM and STEAM are all the rage with kids these days, but don’t tell your kids they’ll be learning about science, engineering, math, and aerodynamics! They’ll just be thrilled to watch their personally made craft soar like a bird through the sky!


It’s Not Just For Kids

While the kids are building, tying, taping, cutting, and flying, adults can mosey around the community displays and check out the folks who helped bring the event together. You’re sure to meet a friendly face and find something great.


It’s FREE!

Free is everyone’s favourite price point, and with all the above reasons, plus being a free event, why wouldn’t you pen it in on your calendar?


Bonus! Active Parents Will Be There!

Drop by our booth and say hello! We love meeting new faces, and talking to the folks who have followed us along on our journey! Plus, did I mention our FREE prize draw? There’s that favourite price point again…


Burlington Kite Festival 2017

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