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Books are among my top 5 favourite things in the world, so when I read The Small Protagonist, a children’s book review blog, I was smitten, and I think you will be, too. If you hang with those in the 0-5 crowd, you’ll love these book insights and recommendations.


Dinosaur vs School

Today’s #picturebook was an INSTANT hit at our house.  Dinosaur vs School by Bob Shea via Disney Hyperion books.  This is one of those rare gems truly written in the language of children.  Dinosaur conquers the many parts of preschool one roar at a time in this perfect read-aloud.  The book is formatted in the pattern:  Dinosaur vs ______ and Dinosaur wins each time, making friends, making snacks, playing instruments, playing crafts….until it’s time to clean up!  Cleaning up is too much for just one dinosaur but when all his friends help out, everyone wins!



Our 3-year-old adores this book and it has led to us declaring “dinosaur vs “every task in our home” so that we roar through it all.  Dinosaur vs brushing our teeth! Roar toothbrush!  Roar toothpaste!  Roooooooar!


This book is truly a treasure for the shelf AND bonus, there is a whole series of Dinosaur vs–including Dinosaur vs Potty!  We shall be heading out to collect them all!


Recommended for 2+up, ROOOOOOOOARRRRRR!

The Small Protagonist
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