Backyard Water Games

Keeping cool is your mission this week, and we’ve got you ready to attack! These 8 backyard water games will entice some serious giggles!


We’ve gathered up some great ideas from some of our most favourite bloggers because these folks have simple creativity down pat! Water play has never been so fun – or so easy!


Frozen Block Dino Dig from Happy Hooligans: My 6-year-old LOVED this one. Now I’m making them with insects, cars, and any other toy she wants to excavate!

Swimming Pool Scrabble Tiles from Toddler Approved: I can see us turning this into a speed-spelling game in no time! And using it in the mini pool, too!

Pool Noodle Light Sabers from Kids Activities Blog will make you the coolest parent ever! Water play to the next level!

Water Balloon Towel Toss from Love Play Learn will have the kids working as teams to stay dry. Better yet, the losing team kinda wins, right?

Water Sponges from Inner Child Fun are fun for all ages, and ouch-proof too! These are essential summer additions to our backyard water games.

Adding this to your backyard will get the creative juices flowing, and have you saying “Why didn’t I think of that?” Another gem from Happy Hooligans.

Looking for an alternative to water-guns? The folks at HowDoesShe made a water squirter fight adorable.

Set up a water toy refill station like Christine at First Home Love Life did, and you can limit the amount of water the kids have access to.




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