Back To School Made Easy

If you’re like me, you’ve been counting these last few days before school starts again. I love summer, but I also love the sound of an empty house occasionally! Get back into gear with our tips to get your school year started off right! 


Sleep On It!

The hardest thing for my family is to get back into a sleep routine. Over the week leading up to the first day of school, we slowly inch bedtime a little earlier every night. It helps make the early wake up of Super Tuesday all the easier. And don’t think healthy sleep is only for kids, parents need it too, so make sure to exercise a little self-care in this weekend and the whole family will benefit.


Nom! Nom! Nom!

Getting a good amount of sleep also means not being up all night prepping a healthy breakfast. Woman’s Day has 49 Healthy and Kid Friendly Recipes to help make your morning run smoother – and yummier!

Back to School Breakfast Ideas


Be Pinterest-Worthy With Zero Effort!

I own a hot glue gun, and I never use it. If you’re like me – high intentions and low execution – Maggie at Short Stop Designs has you covered with these adorable, colour, and printable-at-home first day of school signs. A couple of clicks and you’ll have the neighbours thinking you’re one of those Pinterest moms!

First Day Prinatable Signs


Calm The B.T.S. Butterflies

Not everyone is excited for their first day of school, no matter what grade they’re heading into! If you have a child with the first day jitters, why not try this sweet idea to help for a smoother transition? It’s simple and easily adapts to Dad and son, too!

Back to School Mom and Me Bracelets


Simply Delightful!

No matter how their first day goes – good or bad – they’ll be sure to love this sweet table setting at dinner! So easy even I can whip this together in time!

Back To School Place Setting



Backpack Sizing and Safety

And don’t forget about our  Guide to Picking The Ideal Backpack for your back-to-schooler! Shopping tips from Corbett Family Chiropractor.

Pack It Light.Wear It Right.



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