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Are You A Village Mommy?

Are You A Village Mommy?
May 27, 2016 Amber Rohal

Today’s guest post comes from Christine, mom of two, and creator of the GTA-based VillageMommy.com . With thousands of Mommies as part of her Village, Christine wants to introduce you to her “web-baby”, and connect you with a new mom-friend today.


Bringing Real Life Connections Back with Villagemommy


One of the hardest things about becoming a new mom is not knowing how different your life will be once baby arrives.  Aside from the sleepless nights and the anxiety of being responsible for another human’s life, you are suddenly alone with your baby most of the time.  This is why I started www.villagemommy.com.

In my own experience as a new mom, I was surprised to find how lonely I was once the revolving door of visitors subsided; I was one of the first of my friends to have a child and I didn’t know any other moms in my neighbourhood.  A sad reality of modern life is that people don’t seem to interact as much, particularly since we spend so much time looking down at our phones.


There are, of course, many existing resources for moms – all sorts of classes, music groups, library programming, and online support groups, and more. I’ve done them all, but do you know what was the best part of each? It was my friendship with other moms – just spending time together doing simple things or nothing (or as close to nothing as is possible).  If my mommyfriend had a child the same age, it was even better – both mom and child were entertained.  My best mommyfriends have lifted me when I’m down, given me brilliant tips to make life with baby easier, and have generally made my experience as a mom more amazing.

I started Villagemommy to help other moms enjoy the benefits of mommyfriends with the understanding that the meaning of each mom’s best supports – her “village” – would be different for every mom.  That’s why with villagemommy, you can find and connect with moms based on what matters to you – parenting style, kids’ ages, spoken languages, family dynamics, and more.  It’s nice to hang out with someone who really gets you and what you are going through, isn’t it?


Villagemommy started matching moms back in January 2015 via email.  Thousands of moms later, we have a full site where you can create a profile, search for moms, and forge connections with other moms in real life, in your own neighbourhood, or further away, depending on how specific you want to get.


We invite you, the BurlingtonParents community, to help bring the village back to Burlington by joining us on Villagemommy!  We have lots of exciting new features in the works, all to make the motherhood journey even better.  Join us to meet a mommyfriend or even just to show your support for other moms in your area.