5 Ways To Make Neighbourhood Walks Less Boring

If staying close to home while still getting your daily fresh air physical activity has lost its lustre, we are giving you 5 new ways to make your neighbourhood walks less boring.

If I had a nickel for every time we took a walk through our neighbourhood in the last month alone, I’d be rich! And because of that, I needed to find some new ways to make neighbourhood walks less boring.


Leave it to Luck

We invested $1 in a pair of foam dice from the dollar store and we are putting them to great use now! Here’s how it works: when you get to a corner, roll the dice, and if the number is even, you go left, and if it’s odd, turn right! Bring both foam dice, and get the kids to add them together to decode your destination. You can make up your own rules, too!


Take a Letter Walk

Wander around and look for 10 things that start with the first letter of your name. You’d be surprised how difficult it can be! Why not make it a competition – winner picks dinner! A friend shared this one with us and it’s a great addition to our list.


Better Neighbourhood Walks

Chalk Your ‘Hood

Catch your neighbours eye and put a smile on their faces by leaving sweet and silly chalk drawings on your next neighbourhood walk. They’ll love seeing a new addition to their sidewalk, and it will keep the kids engaged and creative, too!


Nighttime Neighbourhood Walks with Flashlights

I earned official cool mom status a few years ago when out of absolute necessity I took my kids on a nighttime walk to get doughnuts. Priorities, right? While your local coffee shop may not be accessible right now, you can still break out the flashlights and blow bracelets and light up the neighbourhood night!


Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Sharpen those senses and look high and low for all of the items on our outdoor Scavenger Hunts. We have a picture version for the non-readers, and an advanced version for those big kids! Download them in time for your next neighbourhood walk.




Done your fresh air neighbourhood walk already?

Did you know we have Indoor Scavenger Hunts, too? Keep boredom at bay with our guides to Indoor Fun and Indoor Fun in Small Spaces. Add some excitement with a family game night. Find your new favourite family board game with our list of top-rate-by-us board games! And follow along on Instagram as we share more ways our family is keeping sane and entertained.

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