5 Ways To Use Halloween Candy

My children have quickly turned into experts at trick-or-treating, and while it’s exciting and tires them right out, every October 31st, we accumulate a mountain-sized pile of Halloween candy that they quickly grow tired of. So, in an effort to make good use of it, I’m going to try a few of these ideas when the snacking frenzy slows down. 


Recycle It

When you trick-or-treater comes home, dump some of all of their loot into your shelling-out bowl and put it back out into the community. Bonus: you’ll have to buy less Halloween candy upfront!

Sharing is Caring

We have a huge circle of senior friends and co-worker pals who love when my kids make them up a special loot bag of treats hand-picked just for them. It teaches my kids sharing and kindness, and the recipients love that they were top of mind for my kids.

Freeze It

Nothing lasts forever, but why not freeze some Halloween candy and look like a hero when you drop a treat into the kids’ lunch box in January?

Smash It

Take the frozen candy out at party time and stuff it into a pinata! It will save you soooo much money once you see how expensive pinata candy can be!

Decorate With It

Raise your hand if your family decorates a gingerbread house, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or anything else that could use a sweet treat, you’ll have just the perfect piece of Halloween candy to top it off.


What do you do with Halloween candy? How long does it last at your house? If you have anything tip on what to do with candy share it in the comments!


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