Give Thanks! Nominate a Great Human Today

This year has definitely been less-than-fabulous, but there are people in all of our lives who made it stellar with their kindness and compassion. Let’s reward them.


When March rolled around, I don’t think any of us knew what we were in for. 2020 has thrown us for so many curveballs! If you’re like me, you’ve relied on friends and family more this year than you ever imagined you would. And boy, oh boy, they came through in a BIG way! And think about everyone who has helped in those understated ways. Your cashiers. Your favourite restaurant owner, your emergency and frontline workers… The list is endless!


They deserve to be appreciated!


My favourite gift to give is something green and gorgeous, and a succulent arrangement from Burlington’s Green Garden Succulents is top of my list! I’d love to help you say “Thanks” to someone who warmed your heart this year. Here’s how you can spread a little Christmas joy this season:



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