10 Ways to Give Back During Coronavirus

Giving back isn’t easy during a pandemic, but we found new and much-needed ways to make a difference in our community during this time of crisis.


Here are ways you can improve the lives of people around you while times are difficult

Finding a way to be of public service to the community can be a challenge these days. But that just means we might have to be a little more creative. We’ve created a list of things you can do to make the world a little brighter, while still following the municipal, provincial and federal guidelines for safe practices during the COVID19 pandemic.


Sew a Face Mask

Hospitals, frontline workers, and citizens are looking for face masks, and if you know how to sew, this is a great time to use up your fabric while doing giving back to your community.


Pick Up Litter

While you’re walking your neighbourhood each day, bring a couple of bags to pick up litter. One bag can be used as a “glove”, or bring your rubber kitchen gloves that can be washed and sterilized for reuse. Leave the disposable gloves for the frontline workers.


Say Hello – From a Distance

Send a letter, draw a picture, or send a musical performance to someone who is sheltering at home alone. They’d love to get some communication! We’ve heard from a few cities outside of Halton that mail is delayed or on hold, so it may take some time for a snail mail letter to make its way to its recipient, but it’s the thought that counts. I like when my kids write to the family because its a way for them to express how they’re feeling while showing compassion and checking in on someone else. That’s what giving back is all about.


Offer to Grocery Shop for Others

Right now, less people out and about is better, so if you’re doing your family’s weekly/bi-weekly grocery shop, ask your neighbours, friends, and any seniors you know if they need anything. one person making 1 trip is much better than 3 or more people going out. Plus, the good deed you’re doing won’t go unnoticed.


Help Out Essential Workers

Lots of us have moved to grocery and household goods deliveries, so let’s appreciate those delivery people! Your mailbox is a perfect spot for an act of kindness! Just leave a baggie of a few Lysol wipes for them to take on their way, or maybe even a travel-size hand sanitizer if you have an extra. Leave a basket of goodies on your porch with bottled water and pre-packaged snacks for them to enjoy on their long days of delivering.


Skip The Dishes – Literally!

Give yourself the evening off from cooking and order dinner (or lunch!) from a local restaurant who is offering takeout or delivery. If you can support them now, you’ll help ensure they’re open after the pandemic passes. Remember to tip your delivery person!


Donate Blood

Canadian Blood Services is in need of blood. Social media users, including Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, have been using the hashtag #TogetherApart to describe the spirit that Canadians will need to get through this pandemic. Click here to book an appointment now.


Support Your Local Food Banks

Donate to the food bank. As you are aware, donations are at an all-time low because people are worried about food availability. Now is the time to donate anything you can. Grocery stores are filling back up, and there aren’t food shortages, so be generous. Or better yet, make a donation online! You can donate online to Food Banks Canada, the Burlington Food Bank, or the Hamilton Food Share.


Act of Kindness

Get your kids thinking of ways they can make others feel more connected during this time. Make a call or send a text message to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Send some pictures thru the mail or email or update others on how your family has been, just like a Christmas letter, but in the springtime! Upcoming birthday or special event? Send or drop off a floral arrangement or have a gift shipped to them. At a time like this, little goes a long way.


Cheer Up Your Neighbours

Grab your pinwheels, spring plants, or garden gnomes and spiff up your front porch or yard. Get that chalk and leave a note of thanks and encouragement for everyone that walks by. Got a Canadian flag? There’s no better time to display than right now. Got some extra works of kid art on hand? Tape them to the community mailbox and spread some love!


If the kids are still in the letter-writing mood, why not join Postcrossing and send international postcards? And be sure to stay connected to the seniors you know using one of our many ways to bridge the physical distance!

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