Why Our Advertising is Different, and Why It Works

Why Our Advertising is Different, and Why It Works
March 25, 2019 Amber Rohal

Commercials for products you have zero interest in, telemarketers calling you during dinner time, and that mailbox filled to the brim with glossy flyers for places you have no interest in visiting. What do they all have in common? They’re common ads…that do not work. 


Active Parents is Different.

We are proud to have curated – organically and authentically – a community of parents in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton who take our voice seriously. And we don’t take that trust for granted. The best compliment we received from an Active Parents Mom was “I don’t know when you’re being paid [to promote] and when you’re not! You’re never sales-y!”


How Do We Do It?

We accomplished this by being honest and always giving more than we received. Take our events calendar as an example: we are thrilled to offer this avenue free of charge to event organizers, and to the families who are invited to attend. No memberships, no monthly limits, just good ol’ family fun at their fingertips. And we have the unusual pleasure of being able to hand-pick businesses we work with and support. We never feel icky about sharing your content.


Why Active Parents?

We know there are many ways to advertise – online and offline – these days. We’ve tried many of them, just like you have. The difference is that our community is targeted and hyper-niched. They’re not just parents, they’re parents who look for things to do with their kids, and who live in YOUR neighbourhood. They’re engaged with our content, from our Weekend Wrap Up newsletter to our Facebook shares, to our Instatories, they’re more than just an audience. We can help share your business, your event, your product or camp, by making the marketing seamless. Our marketing packages put your business in front of our community in various ways (newsletters, website ads, social posts, blog features, contests, and more!) thus reinforcing the Rule of 7.


But Does It Work?

That’s the million dollar question, right? Like death and taxes, I’m confident in saying that “it” works. A few weeks ago we hit 5,000 Likes on Facebook, and we asked our fans what event, activity or business we introduced them too. And they definitely gave us some great answers!


Make sure your business is getting the same hands-on, dedicated service that we give all of our clients, the kind of care it deserves. Look through our ad packages and choose the one that fits your business’s goal best. Or get in touch and let’s talk through a plan created just for you, to accomplish those goals.

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