Maple Syrup Festival at Bronte Creek

Maple Syrup Festival at Bronte Creek
March 7, 2019 Amber Rohal

It’s the most delicious – and most Canadian – time of the year! Welcome back, Maple Festival! 

It’s an annual tradition for many of us, so whether this is your first or fifth time to Bronte Creek’s Maple Syrup Festival, I think you’ll love seeing how we spent our day at Bronte Creek enjoying all things maple.


March Means Maple Festival


We couldn’t have picked a better day to go, it was just below zero and oh so sunny! We arrived at 11 am and the timing was great, enough people to make it fun, but not too crowded yet. When you arrive, make sure to snap your first photo opportunity!



Bronte Creek offers guided tours of Maple Lane where fully costumed tour guides will explain the history of collecting and making maple syrup. Kids will learn the three-pot technique and learn about the precise temperates needed to turn tree water into delicious maple syrup. Definitely an eye-opener to how quality maple syrup came to be! After our tour through Maple Lane, we were eager to make our way to Spruce Lane Farm because my kids are huge animal lovers. Stop in and see the enormous pigs and the “furry cows” as my kids called them.



My favourite part (and you can tell by my smile!) was using the long, two-person ‘bucking’ saw to cut thin logs into disks, which were then branded with the Friends of Bronte Creek logo using an iron brand heated in a fire! So cool. And of course, we couldn’t not sample some maple taffy (served fresh off the ice blocks!) and pick up a few maple fudge bits to take with us!



Next stop was into the family activity centre, which my kids absolutely loved! It was filled with “old’school” games (again, my kid’s language) like catapults and 10-pin bowling, plus others, all made of wood. It was a great reminder that fun can happen without electricity. Be sure to stick around for the puppet show, you won’t be disappointed. And when you’re ready to leave, your kids will love “sliding” away!



We finished off our stay with a round-trip tractor ride. We all piled in and travelled from Maple Lane to the pancake house, then back again.



There is so much to do at Maple Festival including pony rides and more photo ops than you can shake a pancake at! I can’t recommend it enough. It’s an educational day trip dressed up as a sweet way to spend time with your family in the fresh air. Perfection. Thank you so much for a great day, Bronte Park – we’ll see you again very soon!



Price: The festival is included in the park daily vehicle access fee, which is $17.00 for family vehicles and $8.50 for cars with an Ontario disability permit.

Additional Costs: If you’re feeling peckish, enjoy some pancakes with real maple syrup while you’re here. Pancake meals range in price from $4.00 for children to $30.00 for a family platter. You can also purchase a sample of maple syrup and maple taffy. Various stations (like my log sawing) offered the chance to make a donation, which we did.

Stroller /Wheelchair / Dog-Friendly?: The March weather is always changing, and snowy, icy, and muddy grounds can make it hard to move wheeled vehicles around. All building and washrooms are accessible.  Strollers are not permitted in some areas. Dos on leashes are welcome in the park, but not in buildings or on the wagon.

Attire: Dress to be outdoors for 2-3 hours, and make note that the park could be muddy if the temperatures rise.

Dates and Times: Maple Festival is on all March Break and weekends in March. Find full details here.



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