Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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You know the dilemma: The kids are invited to a Halloween party, and parents are asked to stay. The only hang-up? Costumes are required for everyone! Here are some last minute Halloween costumes I’m toying with to make sure VIP access is granted!


last minute halloween costumes 1. Wearing white after Labour Day is completely acceptable when you’re dressed as a Starbucks coffee. CLearly this one asked for “no foam” Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

2. A few years ago I went as the classic children’s book character, The Paper Bag Princess. It was so easy to make, and my kids got a kick out of it. Recyclable too! This was my inspiration photo.

last minute halloween costumes

3. Flex your feminine muscles as the iconic Rosie The Riveter! Photo courtesy of Caitlin Newman

4. A scarecrow seems easy to reproduce, and just a few minor modifications make me into a farmer or a cowboy. Love that! Photo courtesy of Pop Sugar.

5. My kids would think I was the coolest if I dressed up as a Minion! Photo courtesy of Costume Crafty.


last minute halloween costumes

6. Being a mime will help you avoid any unnecessary small talk right? And all I need is a beret! Photo courtesy of You Tube. 

7. Channel your inner Mrs. Doubtfire – you may need to raid your Aunt’s closet! Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

8. I’m pretty “sweet” on this gumball machine costume – get it?! Photo courtesy of Jessie Maemori.


9. I already own most of the materials needed to dress up as a robber – how excellent is that? Photo courtesy of Pinned and Repinned

2. This cute mama and baby bird is too sweet, but my kids aren’t going for it… But it was too cute not to share for all the baby mamas. Photo courtesy of Lovely Indeed



Watch for my costume choices on Instagram and Facebook this weekend – and have a spook-tacular Halloween weekend!



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