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What side of the field are you on – do you love sideline snacks, or loathe having one more line on your to do list? Either way, there’s been a shift in after-sport refueling over the past few years, and Lisa Staresinic of Being a Fit Canadian Mom is here to bring back the simplicity of sideline snacks, and add a little fun, too! 


I remember as a kid it would always be so awesome when one of the moms after a game would pull out this BIG bowl of fruit that she would’ve had stashed in her cooler.  My FAVES were watermelon and orange wedges.  We’d always inhale the sweet n’ juicy slice, and then make silly smiley faces with the rinds shoved in behind our lips. It was guaranteed that you’d walk away with sticky fingers and faces after!


Roll forward 30’ish years and the post-game ‘treat’ looks so totally different.   Instead of fresh fruit, now kids are inhaling things like ‘fruit’ roll-ups, double chocolate dipped granola bars, kool-aid jammers, jumbo Root-Beer Freezies and pre-packaged rice crispy squares.


When did the post-game replenish become more of an post-game sugar overload?


It’s bad enough that our kids are WAY less active than we were at their age, but they now also consume WAY more calories than we did!  It makes no sense to me that when they actually ARE more active, that we make it counter-productive by loading them up with processed ‘food’ after!


Let’s get things back to basics, shall we?


So what does your body need after a good sweaty summer game? —>Water, natural sugars and proteins – all things to help the body RECOVER!


Here’s a list of a few ideas for post-game snacks that will not only keep the kids happy, but their bodies too!


  1. Fruit wedges with rinds on

    Be it watermelon, oranges, pineapple or cantaloupe, there is something about having that ‘handle’ that makes eating fruit more fun!

  2. Fruit Kabobs

    ~ Chunks of fruit fed onto skewers (or popsicles sticks for the wee ones). A bit more fiddly, but they look super cute and colourful and make fruit more interesting.

  3. No-sugar added applesauce squeezers

    ~ Real fruit, tight-on-time friendly!

  4. Frozen yogurt tubes

    ~ Yup, regular yogurt tubes just frozen! It’ll take a cooler and lots of ice packs to keep them that way but the kids will love the smoothie coolness and it gets protein in to their growing, just-worked muscles.

  5. Ants on a log

    ~ Again a bit more fiddly, and time consuming but they were a favourite amongst my friends growing up. Check out The Food Network’s Ants on a Log for ideas on different variations!

  6. Apple slices with cinnamon

    ~ The cinnamon hides the brown, gives them a apple-pie kinda taste, and cinnamon has a whole slew of health benefits to boot!

  7. Cheese strings

    ~ Individually wrapped protein that kids always find a way to get creative with peeling!




Lisa Staresinic is a Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist  and Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach.  Her passion is geared to helping moms and their lead healthier lives.  Visit her at  Being a Fit Canadian Mom on Facebook and become part of her village.


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