Day Trip and Destinations: Confederation Park in Hamilton

Day Trip and Destinations: Confederation Park in Hamilton
April 18, 2019 Amber Rohal

We love discovering new things to do with kids, but we really love when those things turn out to be ranked the “Best park ever!” according to my kids I know I really found something special. Read all about Confederation Beach Park and why it’s definitely one of the best parks in Hamilton.


I didn’t know Confederation Beach Park existed, even though I’ve driven by it a million times, like you probably have! It’s tucked back at the east end of the parking lot of Wild Waterworks in Hamilton, on Van Wagners Blvd. The park is so awesome, my kids unbuckled before I even had the car in park, so it’s risk-your-life fabulous by their high standards!


The first thing that catches your eye as you drive up to Confederation Beach Park is the pirate ship theme, complete with a sunken ship. The sunken ship is – wait for it – sunken! Kids climb in and down and then – if you’re my kids – hide and jump out at your mom! So much fun, and perfect for young kids too.


The park had a diverse selection of slides in all shapes and heights, plus several was to get to the top of those slides, depending on the skill level of your little adventurers.  And, for the real wild ones, there is a kid-powered pirate ship “deck” that they can use their muscle and force to rock back and forth. For added fun, have a parent jump on and really show those kids what a day n the high seas is like!


Confederation Beach Park has the best slides and pirate ship playground


The must-have for any park my kids want to revisit is monkey bars, and so many parks score low on this amenity. Confederation Beach Park hit a home run with this theirs though. You can see below that they have challenging rope climbers, spiderweb climbers, and a few horizontal monkey bars and a bunch of different ways to climb up the two play structures. They climbed and climbed and climbed! In additional to a collection of amazing park equipment, Confederation Beach Park has a saucer swing, which I had completely forgotten about since my childhood! My daughters loved it and spent a tonne of their park time on this kid-sized flying saucer of fun!


Confederation Beach Park monkey bars and saucer swing


When you’re done at the park, you can mosey over to the lakefront and soak in some tranquility. We visited in April, so even those it was cool, we all had a great time foraging for sea glass, skipping rocks, and balancing on downed tree trunks. Next time we go, I’ll be bringing a book to read while I relax near the waves. I highly recommend it to everyone.


Confederation Beach Park lake ontario beachfront exploring with kids


As with any stop, someone needed a pit stop. To my surprise, the washroom were so clean! Gold starts for the parks and rec team who maintains that washroom, because t was so nice, it deserved a selfie seal of approval. Lots of stalls, baby change station, hot water and zero smell.


Confederation Beach Park bathrooms, art and bike path



Confederation Beach Park Summed Up

Play structures: so many slides, a few swings, a saucer swing, moveable pirate ship “deck”, sunken ship, and monkey bars for days.

Amenities: clean washrooms, ample parking, picnic + park benches, shaded lawn, steps to Lake Ontario beach.

Bonuses: treasure hunt along the beach, walk, ride or roll along the pathway, perfect for picnicking.

Kid rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Parent rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



Get yourself to Confederation Beach Park soon and you will add it to your list of favourite parks too! And if you’re looking for more amazing parks to visit, read all about Sherwood Park, Hidden Valley Park, or hiking at Kerncliff Park.




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